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Aria Sage grew up singing and dancing through the mountains of Lyons, Colorado, surrounded by music and attending folk and bluegrass festivals with her family. At around 5 years old  Aria started to live up to her name and found the spotlight. She began singing in front of large parties of people at her family's solstice gatherings. From then on her parents enrolled her in dance, voice and competitive gymnastics, and her creative, free spirited nature began to take flight.

Throughout her adolescence, Aria performed in local regional theater productions and short films . She began writing songs at 15 years old when she attended Planet Bluegrass's singer song-writer school. This is where she discovered her vulnerable and narratively driven lyrics were a way for her to work through her struggles with mental illness and eating disorders. Aria still uses her music and voice as a modality for healing and connection.

Aria graduated high school at Idyllwild Arts Academy majoring in Musical Theater, and received her BFA in Musical Theater from the University of Utah. During the pandemic, theaters were shut down, and college was on Zoom.As a result, Aria's passion for creating original music grew and helped her  find comfort, fun, and hope in that uncertain time. In 2021 she released her first single, MOON, followed by her second single, TIME two months later.  During the past two years she has been performing her pop music at bars, parties, fundraiser events Wasteland Caravan and other communities in Salt Lake City.  


Movement, dance, and her connection to nature  play a huge roll in her life and influence her music and lyrics. As a multifaceted artist, Aria never wanted to put herself in a box. Her songs express her authenticity, self discovery, empowerment, connection to something greater, and love. Aria Sage creates a spectacle. To bring her harmony filled melodies and rich lyrics to life, she combines her training in lyra aerial arts and dance to create a performance you don't want to miss!

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